How Far Is Controvesial Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas From Breaking US Star Katie Ledecky's NCAA  Records?

Whenever you talk about competitive swimming, Katie Ledecky is a name you can never ignore. The 24-year-old American swimmer is not just one of the most decorated Olympians ever, but she is also one of the best female swimmers the world has ever seen. However, with Lia Thomas joining the women’s swimming, the speculation about her breaking Ledecky’s records is brewing rapidly.

How far is Lia Thomas from breaking Katie Ledecky’s NCAA records?

Amidst the controversy, Lia Thomas has set quite a few swimming records in the NCAA championship. While she is quickest amongst the swimmers competing against her, she is still behind the Olympic champion Katie Ledecky by some seconds.

A quick look at Katie's record

Katie currently holds the world record in women’s 500-yard freestyle at 4:24.06 seconds on the clock.

A quick look at Lia's record

Heading 2

Thomas put in a spectacular performance and clocked a time of 4:33.24. However, her eligibility in the women’s swimming competition remains controversial.

New rules for transitioning swimmers

USA Swimming announced a new set of standards for transitioning athletes. According to this, they have to show a concentration of testosterone below 5 nmol/L for 36 months, and the trans athletes will have to prove that their prior physical development as a male doesn’t give them any advantage over female athletes.

Before these new guidelines are implemented, Can Lia Thomas break the records of Katie Ledecky?

We can not say anything right now, as we know that both athletes have plenty of capabilities. It won't be easy for Lia to break the record of Katie. However, it would be close enough for eyebrows to raise.

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