“I Recently Lost My Father”: 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler Makes an Emotional Announcement For Bodybuilding World

Former Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic winner Jay Cutler is still trying to get himself in shape even after turning 49. Cutler is an inspiration for young bodybuilders, and that's why he decided to do soething for them. However, there was a profound emotional reason behind it. Check out the story to know more.

4x Mr. Olympia to soon release his autobiography

Former Arnold Classic winner and 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler will be soon releasing his autobiography to inspire the youth.

Reasons behind autobiography at this juncture

Jay Cutler had three reasons when asked by a fan why he was releasing his autobiography now in his email newsletter.

The first reason Cutler stated, “to write my life story. feels like a great milestone to look back on what I have achieved so far, and how that all happened.”

The second reason Jay stated, “I want to keep building my legacy. It will motivate a lot of people because it is very relatable."

However, the third reason Jay said might be the most important that goes like, "“I recently lost my father which really made me reflect on our time together, the memories, growing up, and how life has turned out.”

Overwhelmed from fans attention

Cutler won last Arnold Classic in 2013, but the fans are still crazy about him. That's why the bodybuilder revealed that he has been getting emotionally overwhelmed by fans' since 2006.

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