Mr. Olympia Legends Arnold Schwarzenegger vs Ronnie Coleman Body Comparison 

Arnold Schwarzenegger needs no introduction, and neither does Ronnie Coleman. Both are legends of bodybuilding. Let's have a look at their body comparison.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's body measurement

Arnold Schwarzenegger's body measurements are 48-34-18 inches. But, in his prime time, he has 24 inches arms.

Ronnie Coleman's body measurement

Ronnie Coleman's Body Measurements are 58-36-24 Inches, including His Chest Size of 58 Inches, Waist Size of 36 Inches, and Arms or Biceps Size of 24 Inches.

Who is the winner?

Heading 2

Obviously, Ronnie Coleman. But, one thing should be noted Arnold Schwarzenegger is 75 years old, and Ronnie Coleman is 58 years old. When Arnold was in his prime, nobody was close to him.

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