Figure Skater Nathan Chen on the Olympics, the Russian Skating Controversy, and His Future in the Sport

Nathan Chen arrived in New York just days after he shocked the world during the Beijing Olympics: The figure skater landed a backflip on the ice at the exhibition gala. His smile beamed during the free skate performance as if he knew he’d just secured the win. On the ice, Chen is confident and powerful. He knows how good he is, and it’s obvious.

What Chen said on this

“I came to these games trying to put myself in the mindset of not wanting to go into win. And I think I want to maintain that mindset,”

Nathan Chen Added

“Being able to come in with a perspective of being like, ‘Hey, I'm here to have fun, I'm here to enjoy the experience, whatever the result ends up being,’ because of that, [my medals carry] a little bit less weight of emotion. This is just the cherry on top. This is not what defines my career.”

All deserve a medal ceremony as per Chen

Heading 2

“We all deserve a medal ceremony. We deserve to get that medal and we deserved to get that medal before we left,” 

The hardest thing for Nathan Chen

One of the hardest things for Chen was watching his teammates continue to compete amid the controversy and have this added anxiety weighing them down in an already stressful time of their lives and on their bodies. But nothing’s without it’s complications. As a fellow athlete, Chen understands the nuances of the situation and feels the pain that Valieva must be feeling.

What's next for Nathan Chen

For now, Nathan is ready to have a little fun. He’s traveled the world for skating, but has never been on a real vacation. He’s also ready to take some risks; in the past he hasn’t been able to try skiing or snowboarding in fear of injuring himself.

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