Revealed: A Rare Photo of Ronnie Coleman Shows Triple H Giving Him a Run for His Money With Equally Big Biceps

Ronnie Coleman, who won the Mr. Olympia title 8-times in a row, has often appeared in the media alongside some famous WWE names like Triple H. A rare photo also shows Triple H nearly measuring up to Coleman in terms of biceps size.

Triple H and Ronnie Coleman flex their biceps in a rare photo

With his 23-inch biceps, Coleman had some of the biggest arms among athletes worldwide. But a rare photo has resurfaced, which shows the eight-time Mr. Olympia champion with WWE legend Triple H giving fans a chance to compare their biceps.

Triple H was featured in a segment with another bodybuilding legend

Interestingly, Triple H was featured in a segment with another bodybuilding legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger, on an episode of SmackDown in 1999. 

A WWE wrestler who dominated legendary bodybuilders

Heading 2

Many WWE wrestlers in the past, like Hogan, have matched or even beaten the biceps size of bodybuilders like Arnold and Coleman. Hulk Hogan's biceps size was 24 inches in his prime.

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