Simone Biles Shows Off Her Dazzling Engagement Ring After Spa Date With Fiance Jonathan Owens

On Monday, Simone Biles shared a series of photos on her Instagram Story after she and her fiancé Jonathan Owens had a spa date. Let's have a look at the whole story.

First snap Biles shared

In one snap, Biles showed off Owens' manicured nails and her own freshly polished nails, which were painted in various hues of pink and accented with tiny rhinestones.

Biles put the spotlight on her stunning engagement ring

In addition to showing off her summer-ready mani, she also put the spotlight on her stunning engagement ring.

Biles's statement on her ring

Heading 2

 "It definitely beats a gold medal,"

Biles's statement on wedding planning

 "I feel like I've only become stressed out within the last week, trying to choose a venue and stuff like that, because there are so many great places to get married, and I feel like that's a really big decision."

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