Here's what happened when a YouTuber tried Michael Phelps' impossible 12,000-calory diet

Swimming legend Michael Phelps was rumored to eat a 12,000 calorie diet every day during Olympics training. Let's have a look at a YouTuber trying the insane diet. 

12000+ Calorie Diet

The insane 12,000+ calorie diet included pasta, sandwiches, pancakes, and pizza. 
Credits- Youtube/MattStonie

Youtuber Trying the 

Youtuber Matt Stonie took up the challenge to eat the insane diet for one day.
Credits- Youtube/MattStonie


In Breakfast Matt had cheese sandwiches, french toasts and oatmeals.
Credits- Youtube/MattStonie

Heading 2


In Lunch, he had pasta, ham and sanwiches. 
Credits- Youtube/MattStonie

End of the Day

After having breakfast, lunch and dinner, this is how Matt looked like.
Credits- Youtube/MattStonie

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