Here's what happened when Michael Phelps raced a Great White Shark!

Olympic swimming legend is unbeatable by any man alive. Leveling up his competition, Phelps competed with a Shark.Let's have a look at who won. 

Phelps vs Shark

28 times Olympic medalist Michael Phelps  known for his speed in the water competing against a shark. 
Credits- Youtube/GuardianSport


Michael Phelps has a speed of 6 miles per hour, while the shark has a speed of 50 km per hour. 
Credits- Youtube/GuardianSport

Computerized Shark

The shark wasn't real but computer simulation based on the data from a real one.
Credits- Youtube/GuardianSport

Heading 2

Discovery Channel
Shark Week

Phelps raced with the Shark for the Discovery Channel's Shark Week.
Credits- Youtube/GuardianSport


Phelps finished just two seconds behind the shark.
Credits- Youtube/GuardianSport

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