The first-ever bodybuilder to claim Mr. Olympia's title in 1965

Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman boast eight Mr. Olympia titles apiece. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Phil Heath won seven during their long and successful careers in bodybuilding. But, who is the first Mr. Olympia?

Who is the first Mr. Olympia?

The history of the Mr. Olympia contest is also a roster of bodybuilding legends, but only one man holds the distinction of winning the first Mr. Olympia. That man is Larry Scott.

Bodybuilding Genesis of Larry Scott

Scott won the inaugural Mr. Olympia contest in 1965 and returned in 1966 to do it again before retiring from the sport forever a champion. He is the man who helped legitimize the early years of the Olympia, and was also at the forefront of training and nutritional innovations that are still in use today.

How “good” was Larry Scott?

Heading 2

Bodybuilding GOAT Arnold Schwarzenegger himself called him a “great ambassador” for the sport.

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