This 25-Year-Old Earns a Six-Figure Income Playing Online Chess- Here's How

25-year-old, Alexandra Botez is earning a six figure income from her chess skills online. Let's have a look at how she capitalized on her talent.

Six-Figure earnings

 Alexandra Botez earns over $100,000  a year as a professional chess streamer.

Started Young

Botez started playing chess when she was just 6, and won her first national game at 8.

Journey to a 

Heading 2

During her college time at Stanford, Botez played online on

Heading 3

Streaming on

Botez started streaming her games on Twitch for fun and started earning $4.99 per subscriber.

Her sister became streaming partner

Her young sister Andrea, became her streaming partner in 2020. They earn from viewers, sponsors, ad revenue, and a salary from Team Envy.

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