Best moments from Carli Lloyd's USWNT farewell vs South Korea

USWNT legend, Carli Lloyd played her career's last match in a friendly match against South Korea. Let's have a look at her farewell highlights.

Carli's Entry

Carli was honored as she entered her 316th and final match for USWNT. 
Credits- Youtube/FOXSoccer


The American women were on fire as they blasted goals on the last match of Carli's career. 
Credits- Youtube/FOXSoccer

Carli Leaves

Carli left the game and had an emotional exit from the ground. 
Credits- Youtube/FOXSoccer

Heading 2

Carli's Speech

Carli's last speech on the ground. 
Credits- Youtube/FOXSoccer

Standing Ovation

Carli received a thank you standing ovation from the fans.
Credits- Youtube/FOXSoccer

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