Valheim: Best Tips for Beginners

Valheim is a survival game developed by Iron Gate AB and Published by Coffee Stain Publishing. Released on February 2, 202, the game revolves around the player being generated into a world of norse mythology. Players have to learn how to craft, kill hordes, and learn how to sail on ships.

Follow the Raven

Following the tutorial raven in Valheim can prove to be one of the biggest helps. Even seasoned gamers cannot figure out the things this raven can tell.


Obtaining a workbench should be the topmost priority once players start their Valheim journey.

Falling Trees

It is very much possible to die from falling trees, so once you've chopped it down, be sure to watch as the tree falls to ensure you're not in the line danger.

Spawn Point

Creating a spawn point is easy as all players need is simply craft a bed and a campfire. Sleeping in this bed will create a brand new spawn point.

Fishing Rod

Fishing can be a great way to obtain food in the survival game. However, players cannot craft this item. Instead, they need to buy one from a merchant.


Weapon keybinds and their effects are important to understand. These help detect fight outcomes much better. Players should retreat from fights they cannot win.

Map Tools

Mark locations on the map to make quests easier. Moreover, these markers also help save harder quests for when players are better prepared.

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