Videos games that will make every 90s kid nostalgic

If you are a 90’s kid you have had really great memories, from cartoons to epic video games. Here are the top 7 video games that would make you nostalgic. 

Road Rash (1995)

The 1995 version did grab a whole generation. Well, let's just say this game led the boys to be the Bad Boyzz with its ability to punch, kick and steal other racers. 

Credit: Rash (1995)

Super Mario Bros.

Who doesn't know this one, you are a plumber trying to save your princess. You fight for her and go through worlds killing enemies on the way. 

Credit: Mario Bros.


Another epic and one of the most nostalgic games Contra, is also one of the first 'Gun and Run' games. Here you are one of the two soldiers going to war against the evil Red Falcon Organisation in the year 2633.


Lion King

One of the epics by Disney is turned into a game. You play the character of Simba, going through the most difficult areas and puzzles of the jungle.

Credit: King


This game introduced our generation to FPS. You are an American spy of Polish descent, who is on a mission to bring down the Nazis. 



This game had more advanced FPS along with a great plot. After an entire species of man-eating aliens gets in contact with the humans on Mars, you as a space marine, fight to keep them from reaching earth.


Prince Of Persia

Fight Jafar and save the Princess. This was the goal but the route was way adventurous. The old school game again is the one that takes hold of one's memory.

Credit: Of Persia

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