Community Raises $28,000 to Aid 14-Year-Old Cheerleader’s Brain Tumor Treatment

Another impressive example of friendship and compassion swipes through our minds as we get to know the story of Leyla, the 14-year-old cheerleader from Edison High School. Upon being diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor, Leyla got to see a whole new form of her family and friends.

Leyla was diagnosed with a tumor

After suffering from intense headaches for almost a year, Dana LaPenta and Dominique Zindt, Leyla's parents, took her to the neurologist, only to get a partial result. Later, when a month before she bled from her nose and went through an MRI process, they discovered the worst, which was ependymoma, a menacing tumor.

There was more to reveal

The diagnosis landed her in the operation theatre, and after six hours of rigorous effort, Dr. Peter Madsen successfully obliterated the tumor. But the threat persisted as tests showed that the tumor had cancerous properties. As doctors are now in the process of diagnosing further damage, Leyla's family and friends walk the extra mile to bring back her smile.

Her friends offered their support

As soon as she was diagnosed with the threatening tumor, her cheerleader friends, along with her parents, organized the 'Pray4Ley' movement to raise a whopping amount of $28000.

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