Unveiling Best and Worst Routes for Cycling in Sydney

Cycling is an effective way to exercise, but it also comes with risks. This Story Will Dig Into Sydney’s Best And Worst Routes For Cycling, Along With Some Intriguing Reasons. Follow This Story To Know More.

A risky route should be avoided

According To A Survey, The Shared Path Along The Epping Road In Lane Cove And the Route Down Coward Street, Mascot, Involve The Most Gruesome Risk Factors As One Of them lands The Riders Into Terrific Traffic Without Ensuring A Way Out, And The Other Has A Lengthy Staircase. 

Bikers' view on the potential risks

The Survey Records 3000 Comments, Indicating Their Avoidance Of The Streets Considering The Risk Factors. Anthony Aisenberg, The Head Of CrowdSpot Digital Studio, Stated, “Obviously, There Are Locations Where It’s Clearly Not Safe To Ride, And Nobody Rides There.” However, Authorities Have Taken Charge Of Fixing The Issues. 

Sydney also Has the safest points

Though Sydney Has Some Dangerous Streets, There Are Also Routes Like Wilson Street, Bourke Street, Surrey Hills, Railway Parade And Eveleigh, Which Are Not Directly Connected With The Traffic Of The City, Providing The Safest Option For The Riders.

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