WATCH: Iconic Cycling Paragliding Stunt Sets the World Ablaze

In This Era Of Social Media, Any Unique Activity Becomes Instant Viral, And To Attract A Large Audience, People Are Involved In Unique Activities. But viewers don't always accept it wholeheartedly. A viral video caught the audience's attention for a hilarious cause. Let’s find out more.

Paragliding or Cycling?

A video featuring cyclists in black gear is going viral on social media. The clip captured a man preparing to embark on his journey when suddenly another man with paragliding equipment appears. The incident featured in the video earned it a spot on the funny list.

Paragliding merges with cycling

To everyone's surprise, the man with paragliding gear was connected to the bicycle, and shortly after, the parachute lifted off with the cyclist. On The Other Hand, The Cyclist Kept Hanging Loosely With The Parachute And The Paraglider. 

Credit: Twitter

Fans reacted hilariously

Instead of a dramatic conclusion, the stunt ended in a comedic manner. Users Didn’t Leave The Opportunity To Pass Their Witty Comments, As A Few Said, “It Becomes Dumb On The Landing,” While some remarked, “The Smarted Dumb Idea Ever.”

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