WATCH: Sudden Roadside Brawl In Epic WWE Royal Rumble Style Leaves Viewers Awestruck

The authority is concerned about the safety of civilians because of the frequent roadside brawls. Unfortunately, people don't seem to care much about their safety and often resort to roadside brawls. This story will showcase a similar incident where a group of men engaged in a WWE-style altercation. 

A group involved in an altercation

The 27-second Video, Posted On X, Captured A Scuffle Between A Group Of Men. While the initial few seconds displayed little skill, the scenario swiftly transformed into a royal rumble-like setup.

A solid blow leaves the man bewildered

The altercation involved four men, one of whom targeted a weaker opponent with punches. However, in a strange turn of events, the man was struck by an unknown assailant, causing him to collapse onto the ground. Just then, a comical incident unfolded as the man's pants dropped to the ground during his fall. 

Credit: Twitter

Social media found it amusing

The incident entertained the onlookers and had a similar impact on social media. The video quickly went viral, with 14.2M views and users sharing their comments. While some Remarked “Muhammad Ali Signature Knockout Punch,” A Few Others Seemed Quite Entertained By Their Words.

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