WATCH: Youngster Displays Jaw-Dropping Hoop Skills on His Birthday, Taking Social Media by Storm

Some kids are born with unmatched talent, and a recent viral video captured a similar instance where a youngster showcased his prowess on the basketball court. The video received immense admiration on social media.

The unique birthday addition 

The video, shared by an Instagram account named 'House of Highlight,' featured a group of boys venturing into a basketball match. From the caption, the video seemed to be a clip from a youngster's birthday.

Everyone will remember his special day

The video shows a teenager donning a gray tee snatching the ball from another boy in a white t-shirt and running past several defenders. Later, the miraculous dunk unfolded before everyone as he rocketed into the circle and, with unmatched skill, jumped and completed the dunk.

Credit: Instagram

Social media left stunned

As soon as the video went live, it received immense admiration and has received 7 million views and 295k likes till now. Additionally, users flooded the comment box with heart-touching remarks like “SUPERMANNN.”

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