What makes GTA 5 so good?

Despite releasing in 2013, Gta 5 is still one of the best selling games in the world. From great physics to a brilliant storyline, these are the major reasons behind the game's success. 

Game Physics

Even though it gets buggy at times, the Euphoria Ragdoll engine animation software makes the physics in GTA 5 realistic and fun. 

Credit: YouTube/Ehmak

GTA Online 

GTA Online has certainly immortalized GTA 5. From committing heists to racing, players can enjoy this mode in their own ways. 

Credit: YouTube/IsuckAtDriving

DLC Content

Rockstar has been consistently releasing new content for GTA Online ever since its release. This includes new landmasses, vehicles, and  missions. As a result, players always have something new to explore. 

Credit: YouTube/Rockstar Games

Intriguing  Storyline

Despite missing out on DLCs, the main storyline in GTA 5 takes up about 30 hours. It revolves around three fictional protagonists but can be very relatable for the players. 

Credit: YouTube/theRadBrad

Stunning Graphics

GTA 5 is a well-optimized game with graphics that feel impressive even in 2021. It is self-evident that the developers have worked hard on the details of the large open world. 

Credit: YouTube/Razed

Heading 2

Cross-Gen Capabilities

GTA 5 is available across three console generations which makes it highly profitable. It released just at the end of PS3/Xbox 360 phase and has transitioned into the next generations of gaming with ease. 

Credit: YouTube/Rockstar Games 

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