What makes GTA: San Andreas So Good?

GTA: San Andreas is probably the most loved title from the franchise and even after over a decade and a half the game still remains a fan favorite. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why GTA: San Andreas is so good.

Next-Level RPG

GTA: San Andreas was a pioneer in its era, offering a host of roles player could play ranging from Police to taxi drivers and ambulance drivers.

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GTA: San Andreas is a game for all, whether you like shooting, or driving, or flying, the game has missions of all kinds which everyone can enjoy.

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Classic Story

The storyline of GTA: San Andreas is quite possibly of of the best games have ever seen with loyalty, betrayal, and a lot of thrill.

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GTA: San Andreas has some iconic missions which put to test players wits an skills. Who can forget the classic train driveby?

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Easter Eggs

Not a lot of players know but GTA: San Andreas had a variety of easter eggs ranging from the map to the dialogues. Rockstar Games made sure to spread them across the game.

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Cheats in GTA: San Andreas only made the experience of the game better. With such a long list of cheat codes, the game rarely needed any mods.

Credit: YouTube.com/Welcome to the '80s

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