Wholesome Gaming moments that brought the community together

Games are not just vanquishing enemies or stroming around on a battleground. Playing them also has emotions which lead us to some of the best and wholesome moments.

Everybody’s Golf

Life slowed down to the point where your heart rate is relaxed. You settle down to a few holes in one of the calmest experiences on my PS2. 

Credit: youtube.com/Everybody’s Golf

The Last of Us

You burst through a door to see a beautiful giraffe. You notice, in this world of terror, nature’s beauty has taken the planet back, leading to one of the most introspectively wholesome moments of the entire game

Credit: youtube.com/The Last of Us

Animal Crossing

Nothing much to say about this community simulation that hasn’t already been said. It’s one of the most relaxed experiences you can ever have. I always nip back to this village inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, to check on my crops and go fishing.

Credit: youtube.com/Animal Crossing

Uncharted 4

A sweet version of Drake after the action where the love feels real as you have officially settled down into married life. These are the most  wholesome 15 minutes of gaming.

Credit: youtube.com/Uncharted 4

Red Dead Redemption 2

So, as you transition to playing as John Marston after the demise of Arthur Morgan you start to rebuild the life you wanted for your wife and son. This includes building a new ranch house, which is accompanied by a super wholesome country song.

Credit: youtube.com/Red Dead Redemption 2

Dark souls

This is always on hand to help players on their journey through the harsh From Software created Landscapes. Players are always available to lend their sword which makes it really sweet of them. 

Credit: youtube.com/Dark souls

No Man's Sky

The community is a hub for players to share their own unique discoveries and journeys across the near infinite galaxies in No Man's Sky. This positive community is likely the product of only the loyalest players to remain from launch.

Credit: youtube.com/No Man's Sky

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