worst super hero games of all time

Even though they are love on the big screen, these superheroes are not that much evolved when it comes to games. These are the 7 worst superhero games that are not that much appreciated by its audience. 

Iron Man 2

This game does not let you explore, also where you fight with the same enemy type. It's too short for its duration, which is just 5 hours long. 

Credit: youtube.com/Iron Man 2

Batman: Dark Tomorrow 

Along with super bad controls, the game also got a really bad camera angle. The combat is again too boring, which can be called the exact opposite to that of Arkham combat.

Credit: youtube.com/Batman: Dark Tomorrow 

Spawn Eternal 

The environment of this game is bad, where the Spawn looks like just another version of Venom. Along with that, the camera angle changes while fighting and also the controls. 

Credit: youtube.com/Spawn Eternal 


Control Of This game was super hard and that's not it. The camera angle continually keeps changing. Talking about combat, it's super easy and boring. 

Credit: youtube.com/Catwoman 

X-men Destiny 

About the storyline, you have to choose between the Xmen and Brotherhood, which is good but your decision doesn't affect the game at all. For its name, this game is a total disappointment. 

Credit: youtube.com/X-men Destiny 

Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis 

Graphics aren't that much cathay, the combat is total nonsense along with the environment, which is again a total down call. 

Credit: youtube.com/Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis 

Superman 64

This is just sonic the hedgehog game, with superman being the hedgehog. This one totally lets down everyone who is into superheroes, a serious joke in the name of a big alien, saving the world.

Credit: youtube.com/Superman 64

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