Canadian Tennis Beauty Eugenie Bouchard Turns Emotional as She Relishes Special Day After So Long

27 February, 2023


Especially on her 29th birthday, Bouchard turned to her twin sister to mark the special occasion. shared some pictures from her birthday celebration for her legion of fans on social media. Here’s how the WTA Canadian star enjoyed her time in Mexico as she recently turned 29 with her twin.

The tennis community hasn’t seen much of the Canadian tennis star, Eugenie Bouchard, this season after the Australian Open. Now that she is away from competitive tennis, ‘Genie’ is doing her best to spend some quality time with her family and friends.

Eugenie Bouchard marks the special occasion with her sister and friends.

During her visit, she also explored one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, Tulum. It was all part of her 29th birthday celebrations, so she did her best to lift her spirit and her ‘sweetest’ pals.

Genie is currently away from the WTA Tour and is busy strolling the streets of Mexico with family and friends.

To make the occasion more special, the Canadian tennis beauty turned to her twin sister after almost a decade.

In the comments section, Bouchard also revealed that she couldn’t recognize “who is who” in their throwback picture, as they almost looked like each other.

She also shared their childhood photo with their recent pictures.

Even on her birthday in Tulum, Bouchard didn't forget about her fitness regime and diet.

She further shared a picture of her healthy smoothie on her Instagram story to show her strict regime.

Genie ordered a healthy smoothie made of veggies and fruits from a restaurant.

Bouchard also had a pre-birthday party with her pals.

Genie was elegantly dressed in pink for her pre-birthday celebrations. Bouchard’s friends made sure that it was a beautiful moment for her. They brought her a cake and sang a ‘happy birthday song’ to make it a great surprise party for the WTA star.

Bouchard received a pleasant surprise party from her friends.


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