‘Felt Like Playing a Steamroller’- When Serena Williams’ Ferocious Play Made Martina Hingis Insecure About Her Own Game

Martina Hingis and Serena Williams shared a competitive rivalry. The Swiss star did not hold herself back from commenting on her opponents. This was the case when Hingis was brutally honest about the domineering style of the younger Williams sister during her initial days on the tour. Now that Serena Williams has announced her retirement, let’s revisit the comments made by Hingis on the type of game she played and how she approached it.

Martina Hingis on playing against Serena Williams.

The Swiss player shared a long rivalry with Williams and had an interesting take on Serena’s playing style. She said, “Playing (Serena) it always felt like playing a steamroller.” Hingis added, “No subtlety, no finesse, just raw, loud power.”

Hingis expressed her hesitation in accepting her gameplay and took a veiled dig at Serena Williams.

She stated, “To respect this style of play was always a bit tough for me, but of course, I had to because the rules of tennis don’t state that having a beautiful game is required to become No. 1.”

Williams vs. Hingis.

Martina Hingis and Serena Williams faced each other 13 times. The H2H series is in favor of the American player with a ratio of 7:6. They both first faced each other in 1998 and then for the last time in 2002.

Serena’s incredible tennis career?

Williams won her first grand slam title at just 17 when she claimed the US Open title in 1999. After that, she continued her domination of the tour and added 23 more grand slam titles to her list of achievements. Now the player has announced her retirement after 27 glorious years.

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