‘I’m a Big Fan of Earl Woods’ – When Venus and Serena Williams’ Father ‘King’ Richard Broke Character to Praise Tiger Woods’ Father Despite the Latter’s Rebuttal

Venus and Serena Williams are two of the most successful tennis players. They are both legends who have accomplished some incredible achievements throughout their careers. While the girls have worked extremely hard to get to where they are today, their father, Richard Williams, was instrumental in their early careers. Richard gave his daughters the best facilities and coaching, even though he lacked the knowledge and resources to do so. He is receiving much-deserved attention now that her daughters have shown the world what they are capable of. However, some people believe he could have done more for his daughters.

Earl Woods once criticized Richard Williams.

Tiger Woods’ father once fired shots at Wimbledon stars Venus and Serena Williams’ father. He disapproved of how Richard brought up his daughters. 

What did Woods' say?

 Earl Woods once said, “I don’t think much of the way he’s handling his daughters,” “He hasn’t allowed them to reach their full potential.”

However, Richard Williams refused to respond to the verbal barrage directed at his family. 

He said, “He has a right to think what he wants to think,” “Anything he says, I’d probably agree with.” He also said meeting Earl Woods “would be the greatest opportunity of my life.” He also called Tiger Woods “the greatest golfer, the greatest everything.” 

Richard had more to add.

“I’m a big fan of Earl Woods,” he further added. “I like what he’s done.” That was Williams at his bizarre best, refusing to fire back at Earl Woods.

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