‘Never Came Out of My Mouth’ – Serena Williams’ Ex-coach Clears the Air on Controversial Novak Djokovic Verdict as Profound Roger Federer Bias Backfires


20th, Sept 2023

However, despite his stellar achievements, Serena Williams' ex-coach, Rennae Stubbs, made a controversial remark comparing Djokovic to Roger Federer, suggesting he might not attain the same level of popularity. 

Novak Djokovic has undeniably dominated the tennis scene, recently clinching his 24th Grand Slam title at the US Open. 

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Serena Williams

Rennae Stubbs' Controversial Remarks

Rennae Stubbs ignited a social media firestorm with her comment about Novak Djokovic, which was widely criticized by his passionate fanbase. 


Following her viral statement, Stubbs took to Twitter to clarify her stance, asserting that she never claimed Djokovic wasn't loved, refuting what she considered false narratives.

Stubbs had previously labeled Djokovic as polarizing and fixated on winning, suggesting that he aimed to accumulate records due to doubts about attaining the same level of popularity as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. 

This incident marked another chapter in Stubbs' vocal opinions on Djokovic, further fueling the ongoing debate surrounding the tennis superstar.

Rennae Stubbs: A Vocal Critic of Djokovic's Sportsmanship

Rennae Stubbs, Serena Williams' former coach, has previously been outspoken about Novak Djokovic's sportsmanship. 

Stubbs on Djokovic's Sportsmanship Critique

Last year, she said“Novak is not a great sport on the court, he’s been defaulted, broken racquets, etc. among other things.” This sparked backlash from Djokovic's loyal fanbase.

Despite the off-court discussions, Djokovic remains focused on his pursuit of the all-time Grand Slam record, currently held by Margaret Court at 24 major titles. 

His ability to rise above criticism and prove his detractors wrong adds an intriguing layer to his remarkable tennis journey.



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