Overwhelmed by Serena Williams’ Message, America’s Champion Coco Gauff Bows Down to ’The Queen ‘ With a 5-Word Tribute


12th, Sept 2023

Serena, thrilled by her triumph, received a heartfelt message from her young admirer, thanking her for paving the way for the next generation of players.

Coco Gauff's meteoric rise and her maiden Grand Slam victory have drawn inevitable comparisons to Serena Williams. While humbly acknowledging the parallel, Gauff is carving her own path. 

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Serena Williams

Coco Gauff's Gratitude to Tennis Icons

Despite resisting comparisons, 19-year-old Coco Gauff deeply admires Serena Williams' legacy. 

Coco Gauff: Gratitude to Legends

When Serena praised her maiden Grand Slam win, Gauff responded with heartfelt gratitude. Their Instagram exchange displayed mutual respect, with Gauff crediting Williams for inspiring young players. 

Serena Williams shared her excitement on Instagram as she wrote, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Amazing!!!!!!!!”.  Coco Gauff responded with gratitude, calling her "The queen, thank you" and acknowledging, "Only because of you."

Gauff also acknowledged tennis legend Billie Jean King while accepting her US Open title, showing maturity and respect for those who paved the way. 

Coco Gauff Honors Tennis Icons

In a momentous occasion, Coco Gauff received her US Open title from tennis stalwart Billie Jean King. Gauff, known for her thoughtfulness both on and off the court, paid tribute to King's fight for equal pay, saying, "Thank you, Billie, for fighting for this.

Coco Gauff Honors Billie Jean

" Gauff's acknowledgment highlights the impact of tennis legends beyond the game itself. 



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