Serena Williams Dishes Out Intricate Details About an Exciting Hollywood Project She Has in Her Hands – ‘Actually Forgot About It.’

Serena Williams is a multi-talented legend. She has not just been an astounding tennis player but has proved her worth in her off-court endeavors too, be it business or entertainment. Williams recently gave her fans a wonderful surprise as she made a cameo in a Netflix movie, ‘Glass Onion’ starring Daniel Craig. In an interview, she had nothing but excitement about the opportunity she got and the love she has for the cast.

Serena Williams makes a surprise cameo in a movie starring Daniel Craig.

The American tennis legend after her retirement has been enjoying off-court life. But she had kept a surprise for her fans, which they came to know after the movie, Glass Onion, was released.

In an interview, avoiding the spoiler, the interviewer asked her about her cameo.

Williams said, “They had wrote me into the script originally. They were thinking of me. And I was like, no way, cool.”

Williams was elated to get the offer. 

She narrated, “And they were like, well, would you want to do this? And I was like, why not? Sure. It’ll be fun. So I was really excited to shoot it.”

However, she could not tell anyone about her cameo until it was released.

Williams said, “I couldn’t say anything about it for so long that I think I actually forgot about it, but it was really fun.”

She complimented the cast and fellow actors. 

Williams said, “I’m glad it worked out. It’s obviously a great movie. Janelle Monáe does an incredible job. It’s a great cast as well.”

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