Serena Williams’ Wise Words to Venus Williams Ahead of Crunch Clash at 1999 US Open Revealed by Queen Vee Herself


20th, Aug 2023

Serena Williams's wise gesture during a doubles victory not only impacted their match but also transformed Venus's outlook on the game.

In the competitive world of tennis, where each move carries the weight of dreams and destinies, a timeless tale of sisterly support emerges. Venus Williams recently shared a heartwarming story that resonates across athletes. 

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Serena Williams

Sisterly Wisdom

At the 1999 US Open, Venus and Serena Williams faced intense competition, reaching the semi-finals in both singles and doubles. 

Serena's Impactful Advice at the 1999 US Open

Venus recently shared a touching memory from that time on her YouTube channel. During a doubles semifinal break, Serena's insightful response to Venus's query left a lasting impact. 

Serena's words, "If you have to show up, why not compete?" reflected her wisdom beyond her years. This advice fueled their doubles victory and Serena's singles championship. 

Credit Source: YouTube Venus Williams

Over two decades later, Venus continues her journey, set to participate in the upcoming US Open. 

Venus Williams' Unwavering Spirit

Over the course of nearly 24 years, Venus Williams has displayed unwavering determination in her pursuit of victory. 

A Journey Through 24 US Opens

As she competes in her 24th US Open in 2023, her resilience shines through. Despite recent setbacks, including injury and a challenging grass-court season, Williams made a strong return in Cincinnati.

Ranked 533rd globally, she holds a remarkable history of winning the singles title at the US Open in 2000 and 2001. Her journey began in 1997 when she reached the final in her first US Open appearance, marking the start of an incredible sporting tale. 

The story of Venus and Serena Williams continues to inspire, showcasing the power of sibling bonds and the enduring impact of wise advice. Serena's words from 1999 still resonate, reminding us that competition is a platform to channel determination and passion. 


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