‘She Also Doesn’t Like When I Show Off..’ – Serena Williams’ Five-Year-Old ‘Possessive’ Daughter Olympia’s Ninja Energy in Full Display As She Attempts To Thwart Mother’s Plans

Serena Williams wanted to spend more time with her daughter Olympia after retirement. What she did not know was that she would be spending on Olympia’s accord and not hers. The mother-daughter duo has come to the limelight again as Williams complains about her daughter not letting her do her work. The adorable complaint by the mother as she focuses on showcasing her product and the daughter’s possessiveness is a delight for the fans.

Serena Williams took to her TikTok to show her fans her new Serena pants.

Olympia had some different plans for her mother. Standing in front of her mother, she was saying, “Ok, so I love these new Serena pants.” And then Olympia popped up with her cheerful, “Hello hello hello.”

To calm her daughter down, Williams addressed her and started talking about the pants.

She said, “Okay Olympia, they are so comfortable and I love these buttons and they have pockets and they are very stylish, so can’t wait for you all to get them. They’re really cool.”

Meanwhile, during this whole time, Olympia went on to do some acrobatic moves in the background and fixed her mother’s shirt, hiding her stomach.

With a final “Hello” from Olympia, the video came to an end. Williams shared the video with the caption, “I am legit trying to show you all these cool new @Serena pants but Olympia wont let me lol. She also doesn’t like when I show off my stomach!”

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