‘She Has Thick Arms and Thick Legs’ – Maria Sharapova Divulged Fear Factor Upon Meeting Arch-Rival Serena Williams for the First Time

14 February, 2023


When it came to facing the Russian star, there were various reasons for Serena’s head-to-head dominance. However, the Russian tennis legend believes that her strong and confident personality, with a muscular build, played a very important role.

Serena Williams was relatively unchallenged by any of her so-called ‘rivals’ in her glorious career. Her record speaks for itself. While there were other great players like Maria Sharapova and her elder sister, Venus Williams, in the same era, Serena dominated the WTA Tour. 

Sharapova on the difficulty of facing Serena Williams.

When you face a legendary player like Serena williams the pressure of flawlessly executing your tactic is always there.

In the case of Serena Williams, Sharapova felt that, adding to that pressure, the way Serena looked also played an important role in discouraging her opponents.

What did Sharapova say about Serena?

Sharapova wrote in her autobiography ‘Unstoppable: My Life So Far

“First of all, her physical presence is much stronger and bigger than you realize watching TV. She has thick arms and thick legs and is so intimidating and strong. And tall, really tall. I looked across the net, and, no way to get around it, she was just there!” 

Sharapova further added,

“It’s the whole thing—her presence, her confidence, her personality. She seemed much older than me in Miami. This was just before I turned seventeen. She was a grown woman, experienced, the best player in the world. It still feels that way.”

Serena didn’t like the way Sharapova wrote about her.

Serena Williams was not happy with the way Sharapova described her appearance in her book.

 Williams always believed that she has worked hard for her success and the way Sharapova boiled it down to her physical advantage, Serena was not happy at all.



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