‘To Be the Face of Anything Is Tough’- 18-Year-Old Coco Gauff Removes Serena Williams’ Burden Once and for All With a Harsh Statement

 Coco Gauff has made rapid progress in her short career. The 18-year-old already has the experience of playing a Grand Slam final. She also performed pretty consistently throughout the 2022 season. However, her journey came to an early end in the Australian Open 2023. Recently, she opened up about the pressure of being the next ‘Serena Williams‘. Gauff believes that it is not correct to expect her to be the successor of Serena Williams. Here’s why.

Coco Gauff on being the next Serena Williams.

After Coco Gauff and Iga Swiatek crashed out of the Australian Open, tennis fans are searching for a consistent and dominant women’s tennis star. Earlier, Serena Williams set the bar so high that it is pretty difficult for the current generation of players to be that consistent.

Here’s what Coco Gauff said about the next face of women’s tennis and why it will never happen.

“With Serena Williams retiring, I feel like people are eager to see a new face of the game emerge. But it is tough as a young player to think of yourself as a ‘face of the game,” she said.

Gauff had more to add.

She further added, “Everyone wants it to happen now but you have to put into perspective the ages of us younger players coming through. To be a face of anything – not just tennis – is tough.”

Further, the 18-year-old stressed the importance of experience along with talent.

“The captain isn’t necessarily always the best player, but the player with the most experience. I guess everyone is looking for the ‘captain’ of the WTA Tour. That’s the best analogy I can probably give,” she added. Serena had a really dominant career. Gauff is correct that it will be tough for modern-day players to replicate her achievements.

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