‘Unfairly Targeted’ – When Mike Tyson Supported Serena Williams for US Open Meltdown Against Naomi Osaka

Serena Williams has been trying to get her hands on a 24th Grand Slam title since 2017. Although she came close on four occasions, she faced failure in every one of them. One of those occasions was at the 2018 US Open final when she lost the match against Naomi Osaka in a controversial final. The world was pretty much divided, as fans and former players blamed Serena for her actions, while many also thought the chair umpire, Carlos Ramos, was at fault. Meanwhile, a legend from another sport, Mike Tyson chimed in with his opinion, as he backed the tennis player.

Mike Tyson showed his support for Serena Williams.

Speaking about the controversies surrounding Serena Williams, Tyson said, “I thought it was a wrong call the chair umpire made. Serena was unfairly targeted.”

What happened in The 2018 US Open Finals?

In the Finals, Serena was the crowd favourite, as she was vying for her 24th Grand Slam title on home soil. After losing the first set pretty poorly, Serena received a coaching violation in the second from the chair umpire, Carlos Ramos. 

Serena lost control.

Serena then lost her cool as she broke her racket, which forced the umpire to give her a second code violation. But Serena did not forget her first code violation, as she continued to argue with the umpire and called him a ‘Thief’. As a result, she received a third code violation. 

Tyson had more to add.

Tyson also felt Serena should have kept calm in that situation, as he said, “This said she should have kept her cool and not argued with him. Arguing with him would have never done her any good.“ Eventually, Serena lost the match to Osaka, 2-6 4-6.

Mike Tyson’s daughter is a huge Serena fan.

Milan met her idol, Serena, during the Indian Wells 2016. After having a conversation with the legendary American, she revealed her desire to become a great tennis player one day, just like Serena Williams.

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