‘Whole Life Has Changed’ – Proud Father Mike Tyson Once Detailed Why He Was Grateful to Tennis and Serena Williams

Legendary American tennis player Serena Williams has been inspiring many tennis players throughout her career. Most of the young players idolize her due to her on-court achievements. In 2016, we saw the young daughter of legendary boxer Mike Tyson, speaking very highly of Serena Williams, as she was a big fan of hers. Earlier in an interview, the boxer talked about how their lives have changed since his daughter became interested in tennis.

Mike Tyson talked about his daughter wanting to become a tennis star.

During a podcast, Mike talked about his daughter, Milan’s incredible discipline at such a young age. “Our whole life has changed over tennis. I thought we were doing well and everything and everything we were doing was making money, but that’s not bigger than my daughter playing tennis,” he said. 

Later, Tyson talked about his daughter changing her lifestyle because of tennis.

“I see her transcending into something she would never have before if she hadn’t got involved in tennis… At 11/12 years old, she has confidence in herself. She is disciplined in her own." He added further.

Mike Tyson’s daughter, Milan, met Serena Williams at Indian Wells 2016.

In 2016, Mike Tyson brought his daughter to Indian Wells to see a tennis match live in a stadium. Moreover, they also met Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams during the event.

Milan talks in an interview on meeting her Idol.

During an interview, she talked about meeting her idol, Serena Williams. Speaking about meeting Serena, she said, “She said she really liked my hair, but she didn’t give me any advice.”

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