The Brief Yet Triumphant WWE Career of
Floyd Mayweather Jr.

AS Floyd Mayweather Jr.
gears up for his fight against Logan Paul, let's take a look at the time 'Money' Mayweather ventured in the sports entertainment realm to feud with WWE's Resident Giant - The Big Show aka Paul Wight

Floyd Mayweather Jr. breaks Big Show's Nose

Floyd Mayweather Jr. confronted Big Show and broke his nose with a punch at No Way Out 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This would kickstart a bitter feud between the two

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Mayweather vows to bring his best to WrestleMania XXIV

Floyd Mayweather Jr. sent a loud and clear message to the Big Show during a sit-down interview on Monday Night Raw saying he was up and ready for his clash against The Giant

Credit: YouTube/WWE

'Money' promises to break Big Show's jaw

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vowed to break the Big Show's jaw at WrestleMania XXIV during the official weign-in of their match on WWE Monday Night Raw

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Better Than
The Big Show

In a hype video from his training regimen, Floyd 'Money' Mayweather said he is better than the Big Show in everything and is ready for him at WrestleMania

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated the Big Show by technical knockout after hitting the 'World's Largest Athlete' with a knock out punch, that too, with brass knuckles on! 

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Assisting MVP &
Mark Henry

Floyd Mayweather helped MVP and Mark Henry win their tag team match on Raw against Chris Jericho and Big Show with the same brass knuckles he used on Show at WrestleMania

Credit: YouTube/WWE