brock lesnar to braun strowman: WWE superstars with massive barehand strength

some wwe superstars do not need chairs or kendo sticks to show their dominance over others. their barehand strength is enough to snap their opponents in two pieces.
do you know who those superstars are? lets find out!


Credit: YouTube/WWE

Former WWE Superstar Kane did not need a plier or a hammer to break open the steel cage door, instead, he ripped it out from the hinges with his barehands as The Undertaker watched in shock

brock lesnar

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Staying true to his name, The Beast did not hesitate before breaking a door from the car and smashing it on the WWE ramp while Seth Rollins watched

braun strowman

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Former WWE Superstar Braun Strowman did not have to think twice before snapping a ladder into two pieces when he smashed it with his montrous strength on WWE Raw

big show

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Big Show did the impossible when he pulled down the titantron and got it down all the way to the ground without using any forklift or machinery whatsoever

mark henry

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Mark Henry showed exactly how much strength he actually has when he rolled a frying fan with his barehands shocking everyone around him

the great khali

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Heading 2

The WWE giant sent a message to Batista by deflating an inflated basketball with his barehands, and popping it, displaying the massive strength he possesses