Deadliest Finishers in WWE History

EVery WWE Superstar has his unique finishing moves to seal the deal in matches. While some moves don't really seem like a big deal, there are others which are devastating.

Today, we check out the most deadly finishers in WWE history

The Undertaker

Tombstone piledriver

The Undertaker's tombstone piledriver is one of the most lethal moves in WWE. Once you're hit, there's no getting back up

Credit: YouTube/WWE



The Jackhammer brings blood flow right to the head. Then, Goldberg slams his opponent to complete the move. Crazy!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Shawn Michaels

Sweet Chin Music

Sweet Chin Music can break a jaw or even send a couple teeth flying. Wrestlers use the move, but are not as lethal as HBK

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar's F5 is a devastating move. The Undertaker couldn't kick out of it, so you can take a guess how dangerous it is

Credit: YouTube/WWE


Batista Bomb

Batista decimated his opponents with the Batista Bomb. The back and neck crashes on the mat, making it difficult to kick out

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Randy Orton


Orton's RKO is one of the most lethal moves in WWE. It comes outta nowhere and leave the opponent knocked out cold

Credit: YouTube/WWE


Celtic cross

Sheamus' original finisher, the Celtic Cross was so lethal that he legit had to stop using it to save his opponents careers!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Bianca Belair

Kiss of death (kod)

Bianca Belair's finisher, the Kiss of Death is a lethal move. Just look at the way the opponent hits the mat. Devastating!

Credit: YouTube/WWE