Edge, The Rock, and More: Shocking Confessions of WWE Superstars

WWE Has had its fair share of controversies over the years, but none have had a bigger impact than this one where Superstars stunned their opponents and wrestling world with shocking confessions!

HBK isn't Injured!

Shawn Michaels faked an injury and lured Chris Jericho to the ring. However, he later revealed he's not injured and delivered a Sweet Chin Music!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Kurt Angle's Illegitimate Son

Kurt Angle made a shocking confession in 2017 when he introduced Jason Jordan as his illegitimate son. Angle revealed he didn't know about this son, until recently

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Dominik is Eddie's son?

Eddie Guerrero confessed that Dominik Mysterio was indeed his son and not Rey Mysterio's. Eddie had simply given Dominik to Rey because the latter couldn't have a child

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Edge divorces Vickie!

Edge asked for divorce and let Vickie Guerrero know that he used her for having a Power in WWE. However, now that she didn't have lot of say, he didn't need her anymore

Credit: YouTube/WWE

I did it for The Rock

Mick Foley made Rikishi to confess that he was the one who attacked Stone Cold Steve Austin. Rikishi confessed that whatever he did was for The Rock

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Mr. McMahon is
the Higher Power!

Mr. McMahon revealed himself to be the Higher Power of The Corporate Ministry. McMahon words, "It was me Austin, it was me all along" still echo in the ears of wrestling fans

Credit: YouTube/WWE