From The Undertaker to John Cena: WWE Superstars Who Were Masked Imposters!

Take a look at the times when certain WWE Superstars wore masks to pose as Imposters to make sure they get their hands or to achieve an objection they set out to!

Kevin Nash
as Sting

Kevin Nash dressed up as Sting and helped Scott Hall win a battle royal. Nash revealed himself after teasing a showdown with Hall in the ring

Credit: YouTube/WWE

John Cena
as Rowan

John Cena appeared wearing Erick Rowan's sheep mask and clothing during a segment on Monday Night Raw while feuding with Bray Wyatt

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The Undertaker
as Kane

The Undertaker was a Kane imposter not once but twice! This time in 1999, he dressed as Kane and then lured Mr. McMahon to come to him for help. Alas it was only to take him away

Credit: YouTube/WWE

DDP as
La Parka!

Diamond Dallas Page took his feud with Randy Savage to another level when he wrestled and defeated Savage while dressing up as LA Parka

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Dean MAlenko
As Cyclope

Dean Malenko returned to WCW as Cyclope and won a battle royal to earn a title opportunity against his rival, Chris Jericho. The ultimate pay-off was Malenko winning the title

Credit: YouTube/WWE

James Ellsworth
As ASuka

James Ellsworth dressed up as Asuka and distracted her during a match against Carmella at Money in the Bank 2018. This allowed Carmella to retain her title

Credit: YouTube/WWE