"I Can't Be Treated That Way": Former WWE Presenter, Known for Hilarious Segments With Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, Vows to Never Return to Wrestling

In professional wrestling, memorable moments, like the backstage banter between Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and a late '90s WWE presenter, can become legendary. However, the ex-presenter recently vowed never to return to the squared circle.

Jonathan Coachman: The Name Behind the Laughter

Dubbed "The Coach," Jonathan Coachman found fame in WWE and XFL as a former wrestling personality. His comical segments with The Rock in the late '90s remain cherished for their hilarious insults.

Coachman's Firm Decision to Walk Away

Jonathan Coachman's WWE journey began in 1999, with various roles and a 2018 comeback. However, he made it clear in a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet on "Insigh" that his wrestling days are history. He expressed, "I'm in a reflective point of my life, and my wrestling career is over. Recent events have solidified my decision."

Reasons Behind the Decision

Coachman feels WWE no longer requires him and is happy with his current pursuits outside wrestling. He emphasized his loyalty but said that when treated poorly, he had to draw a line and would not return.

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