The Greatest SmackDown Moments of WWE Legend John Cena

John Cena made his WWE debut on Smackdown and has had some memorable moments on the blue brand

Today, we look at his greatest moments when he laid the smack it down on his opponents!

Ruthless Aggression!

John Cena made his WWE debut in emphatic fashion when he answered Kurt Angle's open challenge on WWE SmackDown in 2002

Credit: YouTube/WWE

First Attitude

John Cena hit his first ever Attitude Adjustment, then known as the FU on Rikishi on SmackDown. He innovated the move as a dig to Brock Lesnar's F5

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Brock Lesnar

John Cena and Brock Lesnar had a brief rivalry in 2003 when both men went for each other's heads. Cena hit the F5 on Lesnar and stood tall on the blue brand

Credit: YouTube/WWE

The UNdertaker

John Cena did the unthinkable on an epsiode of SmackDown in 2004 when he defeated The Undertaker after delivering an Attitude Adjustment

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Spinner WWE CHampionship

John Cena unveiled the all-new Spinner WWE Championship on an episode of WWE SmackDown in 2005. He brought the title during his feud with JBL

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Putting Aj STyles
Through the Table!

John Cena gave his arch-rival AJ Styles the ultimate punishment on WWE SmackDown when he delivered a brutal Attitude Adjustment through the table!

Credit: YouTube/WWE