WWE Superstars Who Underwent Impressive Body Transformations!

Several wrestlers in WWE have been overweight in the past. However, some have transformed
themselves big time

Let's Check out the WWE Superstars who made impressive physical transformations

The Big Show

The Big Show weighed almost 500 pounds during his worst in the late 2000s. Show the focused on living a fitter life and lost over a 100 pounds a few years ago

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman debuted as an out of shape monster in 2016. However, he worked on himself during a hiatus last year & now one of the most ripped monsters ever!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Damian Priest

Damian Priest felt dejected after not making it to WWE early in his career. But he worked harder and dropped over a 100 lbs to be in a shape that he's in today!

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Akira Tozawa

Former Cruiserweight Champion
Akira Tozawa was an overweight wrestler with a huge belly. He worked on himself and is now one of the best cruiserweights in WWE

Credit: YouTube/WWE

Mark Henry

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry recently revealed he would want to wrestle a match in his 50s. What he also revealed is he's now 80 pounds lighter from his weight at his peak

Credit: YouTube/Reality of Wrestling

W. Morrissey
Big Cass

Big Cass aka W. Morrissey wasn't out of shape during his time in WWE. But he surely didn't seem like a big deal despite his stature. Now, he has transformed himself big time!

Credit: YouTube/IMPACT Wrestling