Xbox celebrates halo anniversary with limited-edition Xbox series x bundle

Halo: Infinite is coming out in a few months, yes. But wait, here's something to your eagerness. To celebrate the 20 years of Halo, Xbox is coming up with a few more things, let's check them out. 

Halo: Infinite themed bundle 

Xbox is releasing a Halo-themed bundle, which will be available for a limited time period. The bundle will be released on November 15,2021, which is the anniversary of Halo. 

Credit: Infinite

Items in bundle

A custom-designed Limited Edition Xbox Series X, which will be wrapped in a dark metallic paneling with a custom star pattern. The console will have a custom Halo-themed sound, while getting powered on and off. 

Credit: Infinite

Other news 

For the features like co-op campaign and the Forge mode, you will have to wait a few days more as the developers will release it in future seasons.

Credit: Infinite

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