Strongest Contenders: The Expert’s List of 2019’s Pegasus World Cup Line Ups

Pegasus World Cup

It’s January of 2019 and it’s not only about the Preakness, Belmont or Kentucky Derby that’s most awaited when it comes to world cup championships. The Pegasus World Cup is the freshest entry of horse racing tournament when it comes to the world of sports.

The Pegasus World Cup was created to fill in the gaps of horse racing tournaments in North America. It is normally celebrated on January 26 and it’s done annually. That date is around the corner and horse racing fans and betters are on the verge of picking their bets and lineups who can possibly clinch the pot prize.

With that being said, experts have been working out in predicting their early bets and lineups of who’s going to make it to the finals. Today, we’d like to give you a head’s up of possible Pegasus World Cup lineups that will be joining the upcoming tournament based on experts say.

Jody Demling’s Gun Runner

If you think of other names for today’s horse racing lineups think first of Jody Demling. This veteran handicapped racer has crashed and breaks the record of winning all bets in the last years Pegasus World Cup Tournament.

Pressing off the exacta taking all the Gun Runner and slay the winning goal and his West Coast finishing the second. This horse racer had also won different tournaments like the Preakness, Belmont, and the Arkansas Derby.

Now that the 2019 Pegasus World Cup is just around the corner, Demling has been ready and locking in his final bets creating the strongest leaderboard for the said event. Many spectators also believed that he might still be able to win the biggest in the said event as his bets are already in full swing.

Bob Baffert’s McKinzie

The famous McKinzie also has a say of winning the 2019 Pegasus World Cup. According to its trainer Baffert, McKinzie has completed 2-year season winning streak and can possibly be the game-winner in the said event.

Although Baffert says that McKinzie’s ability to join the Pegasus World Cup is still undetermined but experts say that it earned a lot of bets and will possibly compete.

Antonio Sano’s Gunnevera

Salomon Margoth, the owner of Antonio Sano’s Gunnevera has purchased and locked in a spot in the 2019 Pegasus World Cup. Although Gunnevera has finished and ranked 3rd in the last years’ world cup, Sano has trained him well aiming to beat Demling’s Gun Runner.

The Gunnevera has secured a lot of earnings winning different streaks in a lot of horse racing tournaments. Its trainer also said that they have a good chance of doing it well this year since he had a great finish if winning the Breeder’s Cup.

Charles Fipke’s Seeking the Soul

Dallas Stewart, Seeking the Soul’s trainer has also confirmed in joining the 2019 Pegasus World Cup. He had said in an interview that his horse has been doing well and conditioned very well aiming to beat others in the leaderboards.

In the last years’ world cup, Seeking the Soul finished fifth, but has placed fourth in five subsequent parts in the competition. He topped the Ack Ack G3 part, edged 2 ¾ inches against the City of Light and placed second in the Breeder’s Cup.

According to his trainer Stewart, he competed great all year round and training him very well. Seeking the Soul also secures a huge ran in the Cigar Mile and came out as a strong contender almost beating other veteran horse racers. Stewart believes that he’s going to make it in the 2019 Pegasus World Cup Series.

William K. Warren’s City of Light

Warren’s City of Light came out as a second placer in the last year’s Pegasus World Cup race. According to Michael McCarthy, City of Light’s trainer, they have secured a spot to give it another try in Pegasus as they had almost beaten Jody Demling’s Gun Runner.

On the hand, his trainer also said that the City of Light has come to its final debut of running as it’s going to retire this year. The horse has been doing great tallying a great record of wins since the time it started it’s first to run.

John Sadler’s Accelerate

The Horse of the Year finalist Accelerate has confirmed of joining one more time in the 2019 Pegasus World Cup. Accelerate had a great finish last year getting a great 7-4 score. Sadler also said that accelerate finished second in the votes for the early bets and hoping that they’ll still come out as winners this year.

Besides Sadler worrying that Accelerate may also come out as a second placer for the Horse of the Year competition this year, he has still had high hopes that results will change so they’ll clinch the said prize.


Ideally, experts say that this year’s Pegasus World Cup line up is almost exactly the same as last year. Although there are new entries coming in, these names came out as the early bets in the upcoming horse racing event.

Therefore, whoever makes it to the Pegasus World Cup this year would surely reap a good harvest of their hard work.