Golf fanatic or not, chances are you know these images. Now, know the history that made them so great.

Love him or hate him, golfer or no, it’s next to impossible not to be well acquainted with Tiger Woods in some way or another. After such an exciting and unique origin story, Tiger continued on to capture the hearts and minds of seasoned golfers and curious voyeurs alike.

The Tiger Woods posters that are most iconic, are those that are pulled from some of the most inspiring moments of his career, if not of all of golf history. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, its unlikely that you haven’t come across at least a few of these posters in your everyday life. While the pictures themselves are enough to elicit feelings from even the coldest of hearts, it’s the back stories to them that make them such impactful and iconic pieces of history.

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  1. East Lake 2018

Up until 2018, Tiger Woods had gone five years without securing a win. Which, considering his incredible early career, came as a massive disappointment to many of his fans. However, in 2018, Tiger renewed vigor in both his fans and critics alike. On the 72nd hole of East Lake, a notoriously difficult course just outside of Atlanta Georgia, gallery ropes were removed and fans were able to surge in and catch a glimpse at the moment that Tiger was to return to the winners circle.

  1. Ponte Vedra Florida 2019

After the joy experienced in East Lake, fans expected Tiger to hold on strong to the seemingly miraculous comeback. Enter Ponte Vedra 2019 and the “quad heard round the world”. On this fateful day, Tiger was able to secure three birdies in his first seven holes, which gave him a comfortable two shots back of the lead. He was then forced to face the island green par-3 17th, which he has a bit of a checkered history with to begin with. But fans were quickly horrified as the day took a turn for the worse. Tiger proceeded to drop two into the water, resulting in a quadruple-bogey 7 that may cost him the cut this year.

  1. Ryder Cup 2012

In 2012, Tiger Woods posters became more than just a household staple. They became iconic of the type of man that Tiger Woods himself, is. More than just a supreme athlete, Tiger has also shown himself to be a clever tactician and humble player and pillar of outstanding sportsmanship. Throughout the day, Europe and the US had been playing an incredibly exciting game of cat and mouse, barely edging by one another throughout the subsequent rounds, leaving the tournament and the cup- in the hands of Tiger Woods and Francesco Molinari. After Woods missed a crucial last putt, and set the US up for a European tie, Woods then proceeded to pick up Molinari’s ballmark, conceding the par and respectfully handing Europe a clean win, 14.5-13.5.

  1. 2005 Claret Jug Kiss

As golf icon, Jack Nicklaus’ final game at the age of 65, the 2005 Open Championship was already fit to be an emotional roller coaster. While fans all over the globe were riding high on on all of the excitement that had lead up to this moment. Tiger Woods wowed the world when he secured his tenth major title, second Open Championship, and complete his second career grand slam, all by taking the claret jug. At 29 years old, Tiger was unable to contain his excitement and childlike whimsy with the win, and celebrated by planting a kiss on the jug itself.

  1. Andrews 2000

2000 was arguably one of the most incredible years that was ever seen by the enigmatic kid golfer. While his early career was frought with impressive wins and skilled precision, 2000 was a year when Tiger really came into his own. Woods dominated the golf scene in 2000, by winning the US Open by a commanding 15 shots, the British Open by eight, and and beat Bob May in a playoff. Outside of the grand slam, Woods also brought to the course some of the most impressive stats of his career.