There has never been a better time to gamble online. When online gambling first became something which people could do it was awful. Whether it was betting on sports, playing casino games or just arranging a bet over the internet, nothing seemed to work properly. Your connection was always slow, you would also miss out on bets that you wanted to make and the casino games would be pixelated and totally unresponsive. You would lose spins on roulette because you would click on the wrong thing, you might accidentally fold when you meant to call and don’t even get started on playing slots online. They turned slower than an old tanker through jelly.

In essence, trying to bet in any way online was a disaster and something that no one could really enjoy, in fact you could barely endure how bad it was. However, recent years have seen online casino games, online sports betting and other online gambling methods improve immeasurably. This is arguably, because of more competition in the market. We have long been told that more competition should lead to more innovation in every market. This is not always the case, look at social networks for example where it is dominated by a handful that simply saw off the rest of the competition.


In betting however this is not the case, competition has made it much easier for people to simply switch the online platform they use. Companies then have had to up their game and make it worth our while to stay. In the old days going to a new casino or a new bookmakers meant making a trip, it meant hassle and companies banked on this meaning you would be less willing to move around and find a new place, so they would rest on their laurels. This is not the case now as you simply need to pull up a new webpage to change your bookmaker or online casino of choice. This has led to a number of new innovations that have made betting online better than ever, here are three of them.

Betting Online

In the days before the internet, if you wanted to play casino games and bet on sports, you usually had to make two trips and have two different sets of money. You had to drive to a bookmakers and place your bet before driving to a casino and playing. What was worse is, if you won your bet then you had to go all the way back to the bookmakers in order to collect your winnings, it was a nightmare.

Now you simply have a one stop shop, there are many review sites that can help you pick the best online betting site for you, for example: check out this Sports Interaction Casino Canadian review, that combines betting on sports and online casino games. There is no need to have separate accounts or have to remember separate passwords you simply log in and then can place bets before playing any casino game you want. This makes life so much easier and simpler which is exactly what the internet should be doing.

In Play betting

This is more of a benefit for sports betting but it was influenced by casinos and casino games. One of the best things about playing casino games, whether online or not, is that you can bet as you play. You can see what is happening, how the game is flowing and how your luck is before deciding to bet. You don’t have to place a bet and then wait for hours to see if it comes in. With sports betting, you used to have to place your bet on a match or game, and then wait. If you saw something during the match you could not bet on it or use any information you gathered as you watched to make a clever bet. In play betting has changed that, you can now bet as a match is ongoing, you can make real time decisions which helps you to get one over the bookies.

The rise of apps.

We are on our phones all the time now, they are so useful and do so many things that sometimes it is hard to fathom. One of the best things about having our phones always with us is the apps they have and the way those apps make our lives better and keep us closer to our favourite things. Online betting has given us apps that we can use anywhere. You can bet on the next goalscorer in a football game while in the bath, you can play poker during your commute, it’s amazing and is another benefit for us consumers.


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