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Top 10 emotional defeats of Indian Cricket Team

Top 10 emotional defeats of Indian Cricket Team

8. Karachi Test 2006

Irfan Pathan’s hat trick on the first day of the third test match against Pakistan at Karachi made him the hero of the first innings, but it was short-lived. India bowled out for 265 runs in their second innings while chasing 606 runs to win the match. Eventually, Pakistan won the match by a whopping 341 runs and went on to win the series 1-0.

But what caught the eyes of the Indian fans was a headline by Times of India which read:  ‘Endulkar?’
This was asked after Sachin squatted down after being bowled over by Asif. However, that was in 2006 and the juggernaut played his last in 2012.

‘Endulkar’ focused on the clash between Chappel and the senior teammates and the anger between Greg’s brother Ian and Sachin.

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