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Top 10 emotional defeats of Indian Cricket Team

Top 10 emotional defeats of Indian Cricket Team

2. Chennai Test v Pakistan, 1999

Chennai established their ‘sporting crowd’ reputation after the contest between India and Pakistan in 1999.  Sachin Tendulkar almost pulled off a miracle which eventually remained the most heart-breaking match of his career.
The match came to international attention after the two neighbors came back resuming cricketing contests after the completion of nuclear tests. The match also lived up to the expectation and perhaps remained the saddest tragedy of the Indian fans.
Sachin walked out for the second time after India was asked to chase 271 in the difficult conditions and outstanding bowling.
Sachin saw players leaving him while the scoreboard crawled to 86 for 5.
When only 17 runs were needed with 4 wickets in hand, finally the fatal ball arrived and caused endless grief for the Master and his millions of fans. Sachin fell for 136 and the remaining could only manage 4 runs causing India to lose by 12 runs.

“The Chennai crowd was absolutely fantastic. They have a very good knowledge of the game and appreciated both the sides. When Pakistan won and took a lap of honor, the crowd just stood up and applauded.” Venkatesh Prasad remembers.

However, win or lose this effort against Pakistan will go down as the greatest of all in the history of the sport.

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