6. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Maxwell

Mates till infinity, and beyond!

Oh, Zlatan! Behind that arrogant mask of yours, you sure are a sweet doll. He and Maxwell, his fellow French compatriot presently in Paris Saint-Germain(PSG), can’t stay away from each other for long. A glance into the past decade brings us to Ajax, where both of these young fellas played together in their teens and early twenties. Fast forward to Inter Milan, Barcelona and now PSG, and these two just cant stay apart for long.

Maxwell always felt a certain brashness about Ibrahimovic. From an interview of Zlatan with the The New York Times, it was quoted-

Within days of their first meeting, Ibrahimovic asked Maxwell if he could move in with him because, “Zlatan had already spent all his signing bonus on cars and fixing his house in Sweden and did not even have anything left for food,” Maxwell said. Stunned, but also a little overwhelmed, Maxwell agreed, and the two young players went through the ordeals of being newcomers together.

“We did crazier things then; we had some nights in Amsterdam, and he was wilder then,” Maxwell said, “but there was always a big heart that people did not see. He got his reputation in Amsterdam, and it hasn’t changed even though he has grown up. We all have.”

Goes well to say, even the hardest of rocks have a soft spot.



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