3. David Beckham and Gary Neville

We will achieve greatness together!

Two glorious players. Both belong to the class of 1992. Played together right from the start, which bloomed into a typical bromance. The hotshot, the icon, the Greek god is best mates with the calm, the simple and the humble one.

“When I had my house in Bolton, David would stay when Victoria was away, and he’d make food for me all the time. Stir-fries with noodles and vegetables and pasta dishes with sauces – a lot of pasta,” said Neville.

He also once said that he would always have three great friends and family rather than the circle of people around him. And no wonder, out of the three, Gary Neville was the only footballer.  And no wonder, together they have led Manchester United to its pinnacles!

Who says friendship needs to have similar matches? Look at his eyes when he speaks in the video, and you realize what they are.


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